Monday, January 25, 2010

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CarrotSticks -
I'm all for the edumacation lol...I heard this math online game keeps children with autism focused longer.

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Private Dancer -
Who wouldn't want a free dance from a stripper...IF you're into that kinda thing...

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I’m sooooo sleepy but I want to get this out…if I were you I would click play on my music selection that I posted then kick back and read…

This year started with an eruption of tragedy…from Haiti to Virginia to Decatur (and that’s just in My World)…I must say that I am puzzled and to gain understanding is a constant prayer of mine; we offer advice to the depressed and say: well at least you’re still alive then when death happens we say: he/she is in a better place. Sooooo which one is it??? I guess it’s an oxymoron of Life. So with that being said let’s change the way we treat each other; we might as well make this a “better” place till we get “there”.

I am puzzled. It’s crazy how so many of Us succumb to the mean green by selling drugs, sex, lust and dreams. Why does the “dark” World embrace Me so unconditionally with warm “arms”?? Why is it a petty struggle for Me to get/keep a “clock-in” job??? Oh yea because my heels are not high enough, black suit not blue enough and no other siblings to take care of {my dying} mother at the busiest time of the year for the company. It’s truly a hard struggle for me to continue to maintain righteously when it comes to getting this dollar bill, but I’m trying on bended knees with elbows in a puddle of tears. Is it my fault that cash rules everything around me?? What to do when the people that govern my roof, water and electricity want their money every month and could care less that I’m knocking down the door of entrepreneurial opportunities, Corporate America has a thing against me lol even though I can account with my eyes closed and I dread returning to the “dark” World that I introduced myself to so long ago?? I wish they would accept: I’m praying and waiting; at least it would be The truth.

I’m puzzled; can I truly guide “my” young girls when I’m not the sweetest girl anymore?? Can I lead the youth while I dance with heaven and hell??? Habits and hustles learned so long ago still loom today. I am constantly saddened about how decisions made so long ago adversely impact lives of our children today; “that’s just the way it is” (Shakur). With that being said I posted an article(you'll have to copy and paste it in the web address box) that hit home for me. Another slap in the face of how some of Us fall victim to the mean green dollar bill. Another reminder of how crucial it is to be more mindful of the decisions we make to monetarily care for our families. It’s a hard knock life…for some it’s inevitable…for others we made it that way a long time ago…decisions…decisions…decisions.