Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Love Lucy

Oooookay so my family is constantly tickled by our commonalities (i.e. my aunt may have a skirt and my other aunt will have a shirt with the same print, etc.). For some reason the night my family arrived I decided to play my Lucy Ball’s greatest hits dvd and once again conversation amongst family was sparked…unity…laughter…the video I posted is of my aunt trying to explain the series where Lucille wore a bull costume with these extra long eyelashes. It’s was so funny because her daughter, my first cousin, loves her fake eyelashes so between my aunt and myself we stay clowning her but it’s all love though…we love you Sailor-by-day Diva-by-night Skooks MUAH
OMGoodness please if you watch my videos please pay attention to what my aunt said about Skooks' glasses on part II lol...BCGs!!!!!!!!!!

As I hit the "publish" option I'm lmbo @ my homegirl that just previewed my blog...she just said she used to have a crush on RICKY RICARDO!!!!!!! LOL

New Tradition

Sitting here…cooling…these past few days have been memorable and will resonate always because a new “tradition” has been set forth…history repeats itself again. The season of Christmas had always been my mother’s favorite time of the year; I remember times when we would have unexpected visitors on the day of but even they would have a gift under the tree to unwrap when it came time for my family to open gifts. I have been touched emotionally by my daughter because it seems as though my mother’s joy of Christmas was “passed” to her ; leading to 12/25 she was around the house singing/humming songs of the season and I promise she is The reason that any piece of Christmas decoration adorned our home. It was a struggle to muster up the energy to partake in these seasonal activities but to see the Spirit of Joy in her after experiencing great loss this year elevated me to do better. History will forever repeat because I’ll strive to recreate that feeling of happiness for my daughter that my mother gifted to me a plethora of years. I am grateful for those happy Christmases NOW because while decorating my door I had a stream of sudden thoughts: WOW was my mother this torn on the inside (or probably feeling worse) while she smiled and sang so vibrantly Silent Night and Rocking Around The Christmas Tree???? Was her mind boggled with the thoughts that consume EVERY responsible mother‘s mind that is solely taking care of “home”??? I am no longer Daughter. I am Mother…the one that fronts for her “city”…the one that gifts happiness in the midst of inner conflict…written in remembrance of Mommy~

Thursday, December 17, 2009


"It’s truly awe-inspiring how dramatically one’s life changes in the short period of time that is your twenties." Hipstercrite

The above line speaks masses of volume for me!! I could have pasted that and just hit the publish key lol. If only I could recall my twenty-something lived years as well as her, but I've got to get it together because that's a trilogy waiting to happen. I planned on "going" somewhere totally different in this blog but was led to her site to be moved in another way (I'm all over the place in my head). These years in the twenties have been tumultuous but most of the chaos I brought into my life due to my reckless decisions but THIS year…THIS year marked a pivotal change for me and will always be paramount for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel insane because I’m STILL eager to see the rest of my life play-out to The End; experiencing Peace simultaneously while adapting to the loss of my mother’s Presence is an uncanny feeling…even though I’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, losing my mother sums it up: we’re here for a limited time only…so why not make the best of it?? Embrace what Is and stop going against the grain…anyway enough of that…read the book(when I finish).

Soooo lunch with Myself today was the move…I didn’t read any of my book nor did I map my Friday but I did meet a cool male. Candler Road committee people he feels the same was as moi! Our conversation flowed well and we found some commonalities amongst us. After we paid our bills he shook my hand and told me it was nice to meet me….AND went off into the day????! Lol it was awkward because he asked soooo many questions that should have led to him asking for the algebra lmbo but he didn’t! And me slow-to-move Taurus the Bull is so okay with that…If it’s meant for me then we’ll cross each others’ path again…I’m sure of that!

The only thing I did today to prepare for tomorrow was put my money to the side for my tat lol!! Goodness gracious…


(i PROMISE IT WAS LUNCH TIME WHEN I RELEASED THIS BLOG BUT I HAD TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT & PASTE LATER...I WAS HUNGRY)I have the sudden urge after reading something to stop by somebody's restaurant before I get my lil1 (ugh which most likely will be Red Lobster since I want to be close to her school - not that I have anything against Red - as much as "they" say I'm up there but CANDLER ROAD committee people can we get another selection???? They just put another McDonald’s at McAfee uuuuuum why couldn’t it have been an Olive Garden or SOMETHING…I don’t ask for much) but anyway nothing like some “me” time…to stray my mind away from the aftermath of 2009 I’ll probably read a little bit of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, figure out if I’m taking my lil1 to the Aquarium and map a time management plan for tomorrow lol. I don’t know how my Ace and I did it but we have a lot going on tomorrow. I’m usually close to the house and/or with my little One so I’m getting it all in tomorrow contingent upon a certain WiLdFlOWeR being available to watch Aniyah and her lil sister play lol. I’m hitting City of Ink with my homey to get another tat tomorrow…yay me…then I’m interested in peeping my head in the door of a book release birthday party – I am allllll about the writing of the books! Where else where else…oh yea Room Service…we gotta go since we got invited lol but for real ever since I've seen the building and wondered about it I’ve heard a few interesting people speak about it so I’m up for it….I’m hungry bye! Oh YEA and Apache CafĂ©…I gotta go Friday! Will I manage lol????

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What A Day What A Day

Sooooooo I'm blogging!! Yay! Lately I have been thankful for confirmation, that nudge, an epiphany. I was moved to make a phone call today and after hearing what I heard I am flabbergasted!!! Even had to shed a tear; not because it hurt Me but because it was a definite confirmation that: I know I'm right...being right doesn't always bring happiness because I'm right about a SAD thing. What I will not do if I'm blessed to see this upcoming year is waste energy on what I cannot control! I will still have my inner moments and wonder about people's actions but I will not waste kinetic energy on a dead issue....if you are raising the next generation I do advise many to wake up and rise from their complacent positions~prayersRwith C.H.~