Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Love Lucy

Oooookay so my family is constantly tickled by our commonalities (i.e. my aunt may have a skirt and my other aunt will have a shirt with the same print, etc.). For some reason the night my family arrived I decided to play my Lucy Ball’s greatest hits dvd and once again conversation amongst family was sparked…unity…laughter…the video I posted is of my aunt trying to explain the series where Lucille wore a bull costume with these extra long eyelashes. It’s was so funny because her daughter, my first cousin, loves her fake eyelashes so between my aunt and myself we stay clowning her but it’s all love though…we love you Sailor-by-day Diva-by-night Skooks MUAH
OMGoodness please if you watch my videos please pay attention to what my aunt said about Skooks' glasses on part II lol...BCGs!!!!!!!!!!

As I hit the "publish" option I'm lmbo @ my homegirl that just previewed my blog...she just said she used to have a crush on RICKY RICARDO!!!!!!! LOL

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