Thursday, December 17, 2009


(i PROMISE IT WAS LUNCH TIME WHEN I RELEASED THIS BLOG BUT I HAD TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CUT & PASTE LATER...I WAS HUNGRY)I have the sudden urge after reading something to stop by somebody's restaurant before I get my lil1 (ugh which most likely will be Red Lobster since I want to be close to her school - not that I have anything against Red - as much as "they" say I'm up there but CANDLER ROAD committee people can we get another selection???? They just put another McDonald’s at McAfee uuuuuum why couldn’t it have been an Olive Garden or SOMETHING…I don’t ask for much) but anyway nothing like some “me” time…to stray my mind away from the aftermath of 2009 I’ll probably read a little bit of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, figure out if I’m taking my lil1 to the Aquarium and map a time management plan for tomorrow lol. I don’t know how my Ace and I did it but we have a lot going on tomorrow. I’m usually close to the house and/or with my little One so I’m getting it all in tomorrow contingent upon a certain WiLdFlOWeR being available to watch Aniyah and her lil sister play lol. I’m hitting City of Ink with my homey to get another tat tomorrow…yay me…then I’m interested in peeping my head in the door of a book release birthday party – I am allllll about the writing of the books! Where else where else…oh yea Room Service…we gotta go since we got invited lol but for real ever since I've seen the building and wondered about it I’ve heard a few interesting people speak about it so I’m up for it….I’m hungry bye! Oh YEA and Apache CafĂ©…I gotta go Friday! Will I manage lol????

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  1. LOL!!! We will be at the City of Ink on Monday and I don't know why I am so excited...Mmmmmm, maybe cause I have been wanting my foot done for a long time now. Oh yeah, I do believe an Olive Garden is in order and I do mean a little closer than Stonecrest, but there is nothing against Stonecrest. Guess they have to put an Olive Garden where people are going to spend money. Who knows?? Demographics is definitely key...