Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What A Day What A Day

Sooooooo I'm blogging!! Yay! Lately I have been thankful for confirmation, that nudge, an epiphany. I was moved to make a phone call today and after hearing what I heard I am flabbergasted!!! Even had to shed a tear; not because it hurt Me but because it was a definite confirmation that: I know I'm right...being right doesn't always bring happiness because I'm right about a SAD thing. What I will not do if I'm blessed to see this upcoming year is waste energy on what I cannot control! I will still have my inner moments and wonder about people's actions but I will not waste kinetic energy on a dead issue....if you are raising the next generation I do advise many to wake up and rise from their complacent positions~prayersRwith C.H.~


  1. GIRL!!!! I tell you people are truly interesting girl and I guess at some point people will act like they have a little bit of sense. It's sad and unfair and it almost feels like an insult.. SMH!!! We just have to keep pushing....

  2. lol In the words of Bun B: KEEP ON PUSHING