Thursday, December 17, 2009


"It’s truly awe-inspiring how dramatically one’s life changes in the short period of time that is your twenties." Hipstercrite

The above line speaks masses of volume for me!! I could have pasted that and just hit the publish key lol. If only I could recall my twenty-something lived years as well as her, but I've got to get it together because that's a trilogy waiting to happen. I planned on "going" somewhere totally different in this blog but was led to her site to be moved in another way (I'm all over the place in my head). These years in the twenties have been tumultuous but most of the chaos I brought into my life due to my reckless decisions but THIS year…THIS year marked a pivotal change for me and will always be paramount for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel insane because I’m STILL eager to see the rest of my life play-out to The End; experiencing Peace simultaneously while adapting to the loss of my mother’s Presence is an uncanny feeling…even though I’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, losing my mother sums it up: we’re here for a limited time only…so why not make the best of it?? Embrace what Is and stop going against the grain…anyway enough of that…read the book(when I finish).

Soooo lunch with Myself today was the move…I didn’t read any of my book nor did I map my Friday but I did meet a cool male. Candler Road committee people he feels the same was as moi! Our conversation flowed well and we found some commonalities amongst us. After we paid our bills he shook my hand and told me it was nice to meet me….AND went off into the day????! Lol it was awkward because he asked soooo many questions that should have led to him asking for the algebra lmbo but he didn’t! And me slow-to-move Taurus the Bull is so okay with that…If it’s meant for me then we’ll cross each others’ path again…I’m sure of that!

The only thing I did today to prepare for tomorrow was put my money to the side for my tat lol!! Goodness gracious…

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