Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's A Hard Knock Life...for some

I found an interesting (well it is to moi) soundtrack below that goes perfectly with this blog so click and read on. It was to easy to post Jay Z's remake of A Hard Knock Life so I decided to give you something better; it's the 1999 remake of the musical: Annie. I hope yall enjoy this blog; I did!!

I just watched this touching documentary about this astonishing principal that goes the extra mile for his students. The students could no longer attend their former schools due to their behavior and failing grades; his school provided an opportunity for the students to complete two grades in 180 days in order to pass to the tenth grade for the purpose of continuing to higher education. The documentary followed three students into their home lives which greatly contributed factors for their disruptive behavior and low feelings of self-worth. This movie grants another confirmation that I must move forth with my non-profit organization for pre-/teen girls. I definitely believe that the youth are a productive of their environment; many are being presented with inadequate role models thus resulting in them not having the proper guidance and nurturing that is necessary throughout their pubescent years. I tend to lose focus on building my organization because I get preoccupied with the woes of my adult life. I’ve been made to believe there is a “certain” way you should be, a way that I am not, before you try to steer others. I do understand the expression that people do as they see not what their told, but I cannot change my past that often overlaps my discernment when making decisions for my future. I believe that if I can gain the trust of these rebellious, strong-willed, and/or inexperienced girls then I’ll be able to provide adequate lessons, advice and nurturing to detour them from a self-destructive path. I was told that if I help JUST ONE then I’ve done my part!

Robert De’Blois is an inspiration to me on this early Valentine morning; he was faced with an unforeseen upheaval, but has still managed to be a great influencer amongst the youth in Rhode Island.

I posted a link below that elaborates about the independent public school. I just found the link this a.m. and I’m posting it before I have reviewed its entirety but I’m sure there is a link to donate, so if you’re able then support the cause PLEASE.

Watch the movie now!!!

Click play below to see footage of my two of my Wildflowers at practice clowning with the On Dec Productions crew; they were giving the opportunity by Viva the Diva to be apart of a reality show! I'll keep the idea on huuuuuuuush though lol! I just want to keep them off the streets and involved in things they enjoy doing that could lead to endless possibilities.

On Dec Episode 1 Teaser

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