Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ladies: Words of Advice

The video posted above is the soundtrack to this play then read on!

Ladies, who are still SEARCHing for love: I advise you to STOP; once this advice is embedded then you become the pilot on your flight to everlasting love. I read in a “good book” that a woman of noble character will be FOUND. I’m an advocate for not searching for him because you will get weary from the search and ultimately settle for what SOUNDS good, but THEN when you come down to earth and pull the wool from Your eyes you’ve discovered that once AGAIN you’ve been hoodwinked! Don’t get mad at “him” and don’t seek revenge on relationships. Ladies ask yourself: did I stick to My standards and do I even have a set of solid standards? Think about it for some seconds...It’s so easy to make the other person be the culprit in a failed relationship; but what if you are to blame Lady? Did you put the “freak in the sheets” moves on him too early and now you’re sensitive to his manners and words towards you? I bet those are the same words and manners you decided to accept initially. Did you accept him for who he was only because you THOUGHT you possessed the ability to change him “later”? NOW you see that you cannot change him short of a love spell. Did you allow yourself to be devoted by his words rather than being on your guard due to his actions? Let “his” words play as “tapes” NOW and you’ll discover that he was so vague in expression that you should have never come to the “distinct” decision that he wanted to be with you exclusively. Did you ask for something that you’re truly not ready for yet? To be committed to him resulted in being a responsibility that You were not mature enough to handle. Ladies I can keep the list going but I hope you can conclude from my examples above that it was not “his” fault and that a “relationship” cannot hurt you.

In the midst of “waiting”: Do NOT settle Ladies for you will miss out on the true person that deserves you and all that you have to offer. I am confident in saying: that We must play the game in order to be found, but don’t keep getting played by the game.

If none of this applies to you Lady then I apologize on behalf of your significant other; true indeed we will come across people that will not disclose themselves fully allowing us to succumb to an illusion of Love. Pray up, dust your shoulders off and stay open to being in a fulfilling relationship, but be slow to act and quick to observe.

*skips off to follow own advice*



  1. Oh I wish I would've read this before May 2, 2009 (my wedding day). But it probably would not have made any difference some of us have to learn the hard way. I wasn't even in love by the time I got married. I was just chasing this ideal I had in my head of what my life was supposed to be. Now I know better.

  2. I love this song and could not agree with you more girl! But sitting around and waiting can be so tough, especially when time feels like its not moving at all and you begin to doubt if there is something you should be doing. That restlessness is what makes us make the stupid mistakes. We are meant to be ruled more by the mind but its so easy to let the heart take over, but always for the wrong reasons.

    I really enjoy reading your posts!